“Our operational team is backbone of our entire system”

Our senior team has experience in military/ security intelligence .They are the persons having the experience more than a decade. All employees are subjected to vigorous vetting. Further, the Internal Security Department in each region is responsible for verification and background checks and service records of each employee.


Our all operational Personnel undergo the basic Security Training Course which imparts the necessary skills to perform duties. The training process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employees’ career to refresh and further develop their knowledge. The aim of this is to enhance the security skills of the security personnel and develop management skills in the supervisory and management staff.

Pre & Post Deployment Process

Before we takes up any assignment, a team of operations staff visits the site to analyze and understand the security needs of client’s premises for Survey of the site. Based on the survey report a security setup for the premises is designed. A detailed set of instructions including charter of duties for security personnel, client’s expectations from security staff, emergency procedures and other relevant details are documented. This set of Post & Site Instructions are prepared in consultation with client.

Post Deployment Support Supervision, Rotation & Surprise Checks

Events of any scale, especially those that involve large participation, are susceptible to several types of threats such as fire, bombs, theft, stampede, brawls, accidents and emergency health-conditions like heart-attacks et al. Prior to the event, our security personnel draw up a security plan keeping the venue arrangements in mind. They identify vulnerable areas and strengthen security arrangements in the same. During the event, the personnel are well-connected and in case of an emergency can call for action and coordinate at once not only amongst each other but also with external emergency help providers such as ambulance, police and fire engine.

Customer Care Cell

Over and above regular checks, night rounds and surprise checks, we have customer care cell that keeps in touch with our clients to get feedback on the services and resolves the issues, if any.